Micro-Credential Courses
for Academic Introduction

Free Micro-Credential Courses

Raffles University prepares a series of free Micro-Credentials Courses for beginner learners who wish to explore basic introductory knowledge of specific topics. 

Through self-paced lessons and quizzes, the free micro-credential courses aim to enable the learner to gain a basic understanding of the respective courses.  

The free Micro-Credentials Courses is suitable for

  • Everyone! 
  • Secondary School learners who wish to identify their interested pathway
  • A learner who wants to learn the general knowledge of specific topics

Characteristics of Free Micro-Credential Courses

Free for Everyone
Skills & Knowledge
Digital Certificate
Life-Long Learning

Featuring Courses


Micro-Credential in Supply Chain & Logistics Management

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What is Micro-Credentials?

Credit Bearing

A Micro-Credentials Credit Bearing Course (MCs Credit Bearing) is a short and stackable course that carries the credits for formal learning. It provides an alternative pathway for learners who wish to achieve academic qualifications.


Micro-Credentials Professional course (MCs Professional) is a specially designed short course that tailors the demanded skillset, technique or knowledge in the industry.